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We are back in the Mini on the driveway for podcast #12. Rhys was battling the beginnings of a possible cold and I a slight hangover, but with a couple of beers and our first free gifts we soon perk up to talk about the olympics, the news and what we've been up to. We then pause, as Rhys mysteriously disappears, but we are soon back to answer all of you Twitter questions which lead us onto such topics as Sky+, old comedy shows, new comedy shows, and much more.

We even answer a Twitter question from the real Bob Mortimer.

We hope you like it. Please keep your questions coming in to us on Twitter we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.


Tony X


We are back! It has been ages and for that we are very sorry. We did record a podcast a few weeks ago, but it was banned from within by Rhys who was worried about a few things that he said. To be fair it was also a drunken shambles of a mess and probably best left un-aired.

So here, finally, is podcast #11 where Rhys and I talk about what we've been up to, Olympic fever, the weather, fake sit-coms and what is or isn't "morally wrong".

We also answered some of you Twitter questions which led us on to the topics of, embarrassing ailments. short shorts and Ricicles.

Also, I for some reason giggle like an over-excited school girl throughout the podcast. It must have been the sun and the beer.

Do please keep your questions coming, you can send them to us on Twitter where we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE




We have reached double figures!

Podcast #10 was recorded directly after podcast #09 so is a bit shorter.

We continued to answer you questions and got drunk rather quickly despite Rhys having to catch a flight at 5am!

Once again, the details are hazy as the booze has erased my memories and replaced them with that familiar, dull ache, but I seem to remember it being a fun chat. I also remember that we agreed to stop recording at a certain point due to rambling, so I hope we don't just sound like a pair of park tramps.



When the cat's away the mice will play!

By "mice" I mean Rhys and I, and by "cat" I mean our respective partners, and by "play" I mean record a podcast, yeah doesn't really work does it.

Anyway welcome to Podcast #09 where we talk about the comedy writing process, Mr Bean, hairdressing adventures and answer lots of your questions. To be honest the details are hazy as quite a few beers were drunk.

This is the first pod where I had to edit out a whole story (about Pete Townsend), which I explain in the pod. It wasn't because of libel (for once) but, because it wasn't really our story to tell.

This podcast will also be followed pretty quickly by podcast #10 which we recorded back-to-back with this one so look out for that.

Once again thanks for all of your questions. Keep them coming via Twitter where we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE label them #tandwpod if you could.

Enjoy podcast #09, it's a fun one.



Here is Thomas & Way Podcast #08. It's a short one that continues directly on from pod #07, so it should really be labelled "Podcast #07b" but that gets confusing.

Once again I can't really remember much of what was discussed, but I do remember that we continued recording in Rhys' Mini, finished our beers and talked about politics in an ill-informed way. A bit like THIS WEEK, but through the fug of booze and in a confined space, so exactly like THIS WEEK then.

We enjoyed your questions on the last pod, so keep them coming via Twitter, we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there, please label them #tandwpod if you could.



So here is Thomas & Way Podcast #07 and it's a long one.

I can't really remember much of what we talked about which may be a good or a bad thing. All I know is we recorded it in Rhys' Mini, we answered lots of your twitter questions and that Rhys appeared to be sponsored by Tesco.


Not only is this the longest pod so far, we went on to record a second podcast back to back with this one which will be online soon.

But for now enjoy #07 and if you have any questions for future podcast, tweet us, we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE please label them #tandwpod if you could



Hello and welcome to pod #06.

I was at the pub after a long day of writing and Rhys happened to be in town, so we met up outside for last orders and to record a podcast.

There are four firsts for us in this pod - 1 - We recorded it outside, 2 - We recorded it on my phone, 3 - We continued recording in the back of a cab and 4 - For once I was drunker than Rhys.

So enjoy pod #06 where Rhys and I talk pork, Fools And Horses USA, a little bit of politics and discuss the traffic on the Euston Road with with our cab driver. It's shorter than usual, but sweeter for it.

Tony X


It was very late and very cold so we made a podcast.

There was a minor sound issue again towards the end, not sure why, if any tech experts out there do, contact us with any advice, it only lasts a minute or so over our goodbyes and weirdly I predict it on the podcast just after the sound goes odd.

Anyway, it's the least libellous pod so far (only one bleep) and quite reminisent as Rhys and I talk about Russell Grant's rise to power, Rhys' comedy nemesis, Edinburgh disasters, tampons, Blackpool accusations, David Jason and much, much more unstructured waffle and nonsense. Enjoy.



*There were some playback/download issues with this podcast. It has since been re-uploaded and should work fine now*

Here we are again with the fourth Thomas & Way podcast to date. This one is the most impromptu (booziest) yet. Rhys and I were having a couple of late night beers and a bit of a catch-up when we decided to podcast it. This is the first podcast we have done in my kitchen and the first we have recorded whilst standing up. We are true pioneers!


Topics discussed this week include condiments, old times, the mythical land of Australia, Rhys' surprising allergy and apocryphal showbiz stories (which may be true). As always some names have been bleeped to protect the innocent (and us from law suits). We also talk about this hair clip...


If you want us to answer any of your questions or address certain topics in the podcast please feel free to tweet us. I am @tonypaulway and Rhys is @rhysthomasOBE on Twitter. Please label you tweets #tandwpod if you could. So, enjoy and if you could rate this pod and spread the word, that would be lovely.

Tony X


So here is podcast #03. Recorded back to back with #02 incase it was too slanderous to publish. So that means you lucky folks get this extra pod as a bonus!! Topics discussed include Blue Bols, sports personalities, Heseltine and Mr Blobby. Rhys puts TV scheduling to rights and we try to trademark our new TV show idea 'Avian Law'.

Enjoy and spread the word.

Tony X


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