Not much I can say about this one as I am still suffering the effects of it via a stinking hangover.

Suffice to say, proceeding this podcast we had been drinking in four different pubs. We then decided to record this when we were hammered, drinking cans in Rhys' garden at about 1am. It's a boozy do alright. Enjoy…

After an unplanned break of a year and a half we return with podcast #21. Sorry it's been so long, we really didn't mean for the gap between podcasts to be so big. 

Rhys and I have a catch-up, a few drinks and lots of laughs. Topics covered include the general election, bad shorts and Rhys' early attempts at dating. We answer some of you questions and a surprise guest turns up. 
We promise to do more of these sooner rather than later and you can contact us via email at or on Twitter @tonypaulway or @rhysthomasOBE


Welcome to podcast #20 which continues on directly from #19.
We carry on where we left off with more unstructured chatting, then we move on to your email and Twitter questions, which lead us on to the topics of Queen (AGAIN!), Horror, fingernails and much more.

We really appreciate all of your questions, keep them coming in to us on Twitter @tonypaulway or @RhysThomasOBE and via email -




It's been a very long time, but we are back, finally, with podcast number 19.
We recorded it on Halloween night, but instead of walking door to door demanding sugary snacks from strangers, we decided to have a few beers/wines and have a chat.
Topics covered include... ghosts, the return of Brian Pern, water tanks and much more.
We couldn't fit all we had to say in to this one pod so we made another one directly after it. 
So look out for that, it will be up here very soon.



Hello and welcome to podcast #18

This one follows on directly from podcast #17 where we continue to answer all of the questions we were sent.

Your questions lead us on to such topics as sit-coms, Only Fools and Horses, documentaries and unseen Bellamy's People.

This podcast is also the first in a long time that we have had to edit a bit. One of Rhys' stories was on dodgy ground legally so we cut it out, sorry about that.

Please keep you questions coming in. Tweet them to @tonypaulway and/or @rhysthomasobe or email them to


Tony X


Hello and welcome to podcast #17

This is our Maggie Thatcher special as we recorded it on the day of the funeral.

We do talk about that for a bit, but soon move on to other important topics. Such as, Rhys' recent trip to Brazil, 90's TV presenter fashions, our friends smelly shirt shoulder, ants, Jesus and much, much more.

We also answer your twitter and email questions which leads us on to the topics of The Fast Show, Fun at the Funeral Parlour and the pitfalls of on location drinking. There were so many questions that we had to carry on recording another podcast, which will be online early next week.

Oh, and we also discuss Rhys' crab induced rash...


So, look out for podcast #18 coming very soon and keep tweeting us your questions, we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there. Or send your emails to


Tony X


Hello and welcome to podcast #16

This one carries on directly after #15 and continues in a similar style, that is until about two thirds of the way in when Rhys and I lose our way.

In all honesty, if anyone makes to the end of this episode I will be surprised as the final third is a mess of me looking for a song by an MP and  finding fart sounds, whilst Rhys asks Siri too many odd questions. I think it may've been the beers...

But, give it a go, it may turn out to be exactly what you're in to.

Any comments or questions can be tweeted to us we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.

Or email us at

Enjoy (the first two thirds anyway)

Tony X


Hello! Here we are again with podcast #15

In this one we move inside from the Mini to Rhys' kitchen where we have a few beers and look at and talk about...

This Rambo badge...


This fan art from @scallyg...


And this phallic toothbrush...


We also chat about many topics including - Rhys' BAFTA nomination, online scratch cards, BBC TVC's closure.

We also answer your Twitter questions.

If you want to ask us something we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.

You can now also email us anytime. Send all email to

We also recorded podcast #16 directly after this one, so that should be up here very soon. Enjoy!

Tony X



So here is Podcast #14 which picks up directly where we left on podcast #13.

We continue to chat with our very special guest Matt Lucas and what a lovely chat it is.

We answer your Twitter questions which lead us on to such topics as - Queen (obviously), Phil Collins, musicals, Chas and Dave's Snooker Loopy, dishwashers, Matt's autograph book, the young Edgar Wright, Sir Bernard Chumley and much, much more...

Once again thanks for all of the questions. As always you can tweet them to me and Rhys we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.




It has been a very long time since we recorded a new podcast and for that we are very sorry.

But, as a treat for our first two podcast since the break we have a very special guest!

Mr Matt Lucas!

We recorded it in Matt's hotel room and had a good old chin wag.

Topics covered include chocolate, auditions, Queen (or course), how we all first met, Shooting Stars and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy it. There is another podcast that we did straight after this one with more from Matt which I will put up in a week or so.

Also, thanks again for all of your questions, if you want to ask us anything you can contact us on Twitter. We are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE on there.



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