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Hello and happy new year! So we did decide to do another one of these and we hope you enjoy more unstructured rambling from myself and Rhys. Topics covered include sex with Connery, Christmas TV, Leslie Grantham, men's chests, we answer some of your Twitter questions and we talk about this man sized romper suit...


...And much, much more. If you want to ask us anything then tweet us I am @tonypaulway on Twitter and Rhys is @RhysThomasOBE label them #tandwpod if you could. So enjoy podcast #02 podcast #03 will be along in moments as we recorded two back to back.

Tony X


Well here is the first (and maybe last) ever Thomas and Way podcast with Tony Way and Rhys Thomas.

We have talked about doing a podcast for ages, then suddenly whilst having a drink in Rhys' garden one night we decided to just do it. So prepare your self for an hour of impromptu and unstructured chatting. Topics covered include - Wine, Only Fools and Horses, One Foot In the Grave, snoring, Dragon Tattoo, tropes, Christmas, yachting magazines and much, much more. The sound quality goes bad at a point near the middle of the pod, but it only lasts a few minutes and gets better so listen on.


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