When the cat's away the mice will play!

By "mice" I mean Rhys and I, and by "cat" I mean our respective partners, and by "play" I mean record a podcast, yeah doesn't really work does it.

Anyway welcome to Podcast #09 where we talk about the comedy writing process, Mr Bean, hairdressing adventures and answer lots of your questions. To be honest the details are hazy as quite a few beers were drunk.

This is the first pod where I had to edit out a whole story (about Pete Townsend), which I explain in the pod. It wasn't because of libel (for once) but, because it wasn't really our story to tell.

This podcast will also be followed pretty quickly by podcast #10 which we recorded back-to-back with this one so look out for that.

Once again thanks for all of your questions. Keep them coming via Twitter where we are @tonypaulway and @rhysthomasOBE label them #tandwpod if you could.

Enjoy podcast #09, it's a fun one.



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