It was very late and very cold so we made a podcast.

There was a minor sound issue again towards the end, not sure why, if any tech experts out there do, contact us with any advice, it only lasts a minute or so over our goodbyes and weirdly I predict it on the podcast just after the sound goes odd.

Anyway, it's the least libellous pod so far (only one bleep) and quite reminisent as Rhys and I talk about Russell Grant's rise to power, Rhys' comedy nemesis, Edinburgh disasters, tampons, Blackpool accusations, David Jason and much, much more unstructured waffle and nonsense. Enjoy.



  • Jamie

    I had no idea about these until yesterday, downloaded all five - listened to two so far. Please make more! I’ll never look at Mark Lamarr and Sean Connery in the same way again…

    Mar 26, 2012 at 4:14 am

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