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Here we are again with the fourth Thomas & Way podcast to date. This one is the most impromptu (booziest) yet. Rhys and I were having a couple of late night beers and a bit of a catch-up when we decided to podcast it. This is the first podcast we have done in my kitchen and the first we have recorded whilst standing up. We are true pioneers!


Topics discussed this week include condiments, old times, the mythical land of Australia, Rhys' surprising allergy and apocryphal showbiz stories (which may be true). As always some names have been bleeped to protect the innocent (and us from law suits). We also talk about this hair clip...


If you want us to answer any of your questions or address certain topics in the podcast please feel free to tweet us. I am @tonypaulway and Rhys is @rhysthomasOBE on Twitter. Please label you tweets #tandwpod if you could. So, enjoy and if you could rate this pod and spread the word, that would be lovely.

Tony X


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